jueves, 16 de abril de 2009

bruce nauman

fuente de los 100 peses
Bruce Nauman’s installation of three fountain sculptures wraps up today at the Donald Young Gallery in Chicago. The One Hundred Fish Fountain is made up of ninety-seven cast bronze fish spurting water from punctured holes. The water is collected in a large basin below and then pumped back through tubing. But there is nothing peaceful about this water feature. The fish fill noisily with water, then spray it out angrily until the pumps are turned off and the remaining water drips out during the ensuing silence. The other two fountains, 3 Heads Fountain (3 Andrews) and 3 Heads Fountain (Juliet, Andrew, Rinde) are smaller in scale, each comprised of three epoxy resin and fiberglass heads that are wired together. Again, water sprays from the punctures.

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